So much has happened.. yet I wrote so little..

Well, the news on our adoption..
In September  we were called to the Haitian Court.. we went, we sat, we melted in sweat for a few hours. We left with Kemsley’s name being the same as ours:) AMAZING!!! They do not need or ask for the child to go with you to this appt. so we went with the Pastor of the orphanage and another man who is adopting children from the same orphanage as well. The room was small, and the a.c. was broken.. When we walked in it was standing room only – A sweet Haitian woman with a squirming toddler on her lap offered me to sit / squish in next to her and a teenage boy on a cell phone.. I did ..  I sat listening to all of the fast talking creole flying around the room, some were happy some were not happy.. It was then YET AGAIN I wished I knew more creole. I was so proud of myself when I heard someone speaking in Haitian Creole and I knew what they said.. 🙂 Most the time, I knew none of what they spoke..


Fast forward a little – Kemsley has his passport:)

Now we are mailing all of our paper work to get Kemsley’s Visa.. TODAY~ Tuesday February 19th 2013

Can not wait to figure out when we will fly back to Haiti to take our son home:)



Our Visit To Haiti In January

We went to visit Kemsley in Haiti – The end of January.. It was a nice visit, yet emotion as ever of course.

We arrived on a Thursday evening – got to the orphanage in time to unload all of our bags and bring them up the three flights of stairs to the roof where we all sleep.

Did a little settling in and showing Kemsley all the clothes and little toys and goodies we brought – then it was time for dinner.

Friday morning he went off to school where it was a half a day and we were able to visit him (we walked to school with the other adoptive parents) He now rides a new to them school bus to and from school instead of walking. The younger children get to ride the bus, the older still walk.

I got to visit him right in his class room – and took this special photo 🙂 He is in the middle of the picture.

Friday afternoon when he arrived back from the orphanage we were able to hang out more, play more and just sit and eat the snacks we brought.. as well as play with other of the children at the orphanage.


I did spend some time doing photo shoots for other adoptive parents while Kemsely and Kasey either hung out with me while doing it or they played off somewhere else..

We woke early Saturday morning to get ready for our trip to CLUB INDIGO which is about 2 1/2 hours away from the orphanage we stay at. We drove on the back of a truck all ready and packed for our day in the sunshine and swimming in the pools and ocean!


Kemsley loves this, he has done this twice now with us and he just LOVES the time out of the orphanage and of course the time at the club swimming and playing and running free and EATING:) They have a wonderful buffet full of foods and treats and sodas – so he loved that too!

So all day Saturday was spent at the above place:) Had a great time!

Saturday night we were all so tired and crashed soon after we arrived back home to the orphanage.

Sunday was church – super early church service starts at 6am and ends around 10 am then we came home and ate lunch and then hung out did some photo shoots and then dinner – then it was birthday cake party time for some of the other children there at the orphanage..

Monday – we left. 😦 Early morning while he was going to school. We said our goodbyes, gave our kisses and our hugs and I prayed they would last him and myself until we were able to see each other again.

My sweet “little” boy is not so little anymore.. He is growing, growing well and is healthy thank God! Of course it’s painful not see him growing .. but I am praying we get our court date SOON and we go back to Haiti to talk to the Judge there and then work on finishing up the adoption process!

For now – I look at all the photos we took with him while we were there and I can smile.. Thankful we get this opportunity to visit him while he is still in Haiti. You would  think – this being my fifth visit there.. It would get easier and easier to leave.. but it’s actually the exact opposite.. It gets harder and harder. I’m blessed beyond words even though  my heart aches more than it ever has. Every time I come back from a trip to Haiti I feel like I need a few weeks to take it all in. I feel so much and I can never put it into the correct words.


Back home now with our three other boys. I missed them so much while I was away. I have loved that I am home with them full time still and I love seeing my children grow and learn and figure out life along side me as their helper and teacher. Its been a joy and a huge challenge of course – mothering three boys full time, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

This photo we took a little before the end of December at one of my favorite places to take the boys down the road from us.

My youngest

My sweet little son…

I just love him to pieces!! I can not believe how old he is getting.

He loves talking now.. copying everything his brothers say and just being all boy!

I have been enjoying my time with him so much at this stage in his life.. the temper tantrums in public, the adorable singing and banging on EVERYTHING he can, the sweet kisses.

He came in the living room the other day where I was resting  and he started pushing the hair out of my face and singing – you are so beautiful, you are so beautiful.. It made me almost cry..

Such a sweet little boy- don’t get me wrong – he’s human still 🙂 still does naughty things.. but what 2 year old doesn’t? Its been a joy just watching him grow up.

I almost think its easier to understand the 2 year old mind of a boy now that I am on my third one..



Adoption update – Still waiting .. and surprisingly I am being patient and have peace 🙂 Miracles do happen.

I have a gift all ready for him waiting to go to Haiti with another adoptive parent in December. Can’t wait to skype with him when she goes.. His birthday is the end of December !! Turns the big SIX!!!!

Wish I could be there to sing  happy birthday to him in person, to hold him and hug him and bake him a special birthday cake… All this will happen someday. I can wait. He’s worth it.

He has three awesome brothers who are always talking about him too:)


Date Nights When Married

As I was getting ready for our very unplanned and short notice date night last night I found myself thinking how many things have changed since when Kasey and I were dating up until now.

For example –
Then– He would call me up and ask me out the day or so before and I would take most all day getting ready, finding an outfit, showering, doing my hair and day dreaming about what we would do

Now– We realize he has a day off on the day off because most days we just have so much going on we don’t get that minute to sit down and think of a planned day off.. or we have the HOUSE to deal with on a day off .. We text a babysitter and say “So sorry this is short notice” Or we call up nanny and grampy and see if they want to visit with the boys for a few hours so Kasey and I can get some much needed US time..

Then– I would call a friend or Instant Message them (Yea remember IM?) and ask them for advice on my outfit.. Did I look fat? too dressy? too un dressy?? What color looks best with my skin/eyes?

Now After I get the boys fed, bathed, cleaned the house ( I like to have a  clean house for people when they come ) Did the dishes, cleaned the stove, hopefully I took a shower during the younger two’s nap time, pick up the toys that I kick into on my my to my room… I head into my bedroom and usually at least two of my children follow me and sit on the bed while I pick out my outfit for the evening. I end up taking the advice of a 6 year old, sometimes a 4 year old but never my 2 year old who always picks out things that never go together. The boys ask me where were going.. I always say I don’t really know.. probably out to eat so I don’t need to cook anything other than the mac and cheese I just made them 😉

Then – I didn’t realize how important ALONE TIME was.. I always had it with him. It was never like we needed to rely on anyone else but ourselves to create that alone time.. we took it daily and not just for an hour or two out to eat.. we took it daily for the day most all of  the days.

Now I realize how important it is to be alone with your partner, your best friend, your husband.. It’s important to stay in touch and to talk .. to have a conversation that doesn’t consist of talking louder than the two year old who is throwing a fit over his veggies he doesn’t want to eat at the dinner table.

I don’t think those babysitters know how much of a help and blessing they are..

They keep us sane. They keep us closer together. They actually without maybe even knowing it make us better parents.

I’ve seen a lot happen in marriages. They are not perfect because the two humans in them are not perfect.
I’m blessed and so grateful that my husband is who he is. Imperfect but trying. Same as me.

I miss being young and free sometimes.. but I love that our lives connected, I love that we are married and I love our beautiful boys. I love that we are learning how to slow things down and remember what counts in life.. Relationships..

Yea, maybe were not riding around in the red jeep in Florida anymore.. but were still riding around and holding hands *that’s what matters* .. (so what if it’s in a van)..

20 some odd days and counting

Going to visit Kemsley soon! Just a few more short weeks.
Packing soon for Haiti.. Planning on making this summer last longer than it should.. Hoping that’s possible.

Very anxious. Very happy.

Would love for them to meet their brother. Would love to see them all hug and smile and play. Soon enough.


We have some weddings coming up to photograph. Very excited about that.
Check out our photography page if you looking for a photographer, or know of a friend that is!


Junk Food Sunday !!

Zion takes after me.. When we celebrate.. we celebrate for a month. Birthdays – A month long celebration. I should have known he would hang on and revel in his graduation celebration for more than just one day.

I took them on a surprise trip to an amusement park last week. They were so excited! Rides, Cotton Candy, Picnic lunch, Arcade games all day long! 10-3 me and my three. (Kasey had to work) We met a friend there with her two. Such a great day. Sunshine and smiles. No melt downs. Almost weird because it was so perfect of a fun day. That was the celebration of them graduating, or so I thought?

He was delighted and thankful for the trip to Fun Town. They all were.

He then talked of another amazing day that he would just LOVE to have. He wanted to have a full party day of junk food and video games. No cleaning his room, or doing anything but eating junk food.. The stuff I “never feed him” he said.

He talked to Kasey and they set up the date.. Sunday when Kasey had off so Kasey could of course play video games and eat junk food along with them.
Zion decided the time – 7am – 9pm and what would this party contain?
Junk Food, No healthy food, Video Games, Ds games, The Wii. Chemical mac and cheese for lunch. (That is what he calls mac and cheese that is not organic.) *Note to everyone* I did not call it that, he made that up on his own.


So that was his dream day with Kasey and his brothers. He asked me to let Jabyn skip nap .. I disagreed to that one. He invited his Nanny and Grampy over.. (SO sweet of them to play along and join in on the celebration) They came over for a pizza dinner with the boys that night.


He talked about the up coming “junk food party” all week long, they both did.. They were so excited! Saturday Kasey took them shopping before he had to go to work that night and they got to pick out the foods they wanted for the next day. (This was a bit hard for me to see them eat crap all day long, so I decided to stay home with Jabyn and enjoy some peace and quiet for 30 minutes) I ended up cleaning the bathrooms and two bedrooms.. but still.. it was quiet 🙂



A little after lunch time they were offered “smores” and Elias said his belly hurt. He just couldn’t eat anything else. He was rolling on the floor saying his belly was feeling  “totally weird”.  Kasey and I could not help but laugh a bit..*just one of those “I told you so” parent moments* Zion was still head strong and ate his smore. Then came the jello with whip cream during the wii games ..  (ugh I can’t believe I’m admitting I let my children eat crap all day long for a day) hahaha..


By the end of the day I heard some great words of wisdom come out of my six year old.. Mom , I don’t think eating junk food all day long is the best thing to do because after I ate that jello my tummy was hurting really bad. I don’t want to eat anymore.





Needless to say – they had a wonderful Junk Food Sunday but are happy with no more in the house for a while, and so am I.

Another Mountian Moved

This is short because I’m still in shock..

What normally could take years or longer.. God has made take less than a few short months.

I was cleaning the house this morning and a friend who is head of the adoption process here in the States gave me a call asking if I saw the email. No.??!!! . I said.. ?? Well she was able to give me the good news !!!

We received our IBESR number from Haiti.. This means that the adoption process has started!! This means a miracle just took place.

I cried, hung up and tried to text Kasey (hes hiking today) he said he couldn’t get reception to call, only text. So I wrote .. ER call me now.. So I shortly got a call from a friend who is there hiking who had reception!!! Kasey was really worried thinking something super bad was happening.
I told him and he was beyond happy as well, (OF COURSE) What a way to find out too.. On top of a mountain!

Continuing to pray for all of the families adopting and for the process as always!

God knows what He’s doing. A couple of other parents/friends also got numbers!! I am so happy to share in this joy with them!


Be careful little mouth what you say …

As some of you know this past year I home schooled .. First time ever.
I did not get gray hairs,don’t get me wrong…  I sometimes felt I was going to. 😉

I came across this video on YouTube I thought was rather funny.

It  made me laugh thinking of all the times and random people whom I have never met yet came up to me  in the past year I have had to “explain” myself too.

My gosh!! My children are still so young and here they were asking me how I felt capable? Seriously? If  you don’t feel capable to teach your own children I’m just curious how you plan to raise your children??  Public  school or home schooled?

I’ll admit that I do like a good confrontation every now and then, but I was just amazed at some of the mean comments  human beings can put out towards a young mother who wants to attempt another route .. Its been rude, hurtful, and sad to see how some people view me.

Maybe, Just maybe when I was a teenager this would have made me change my mind.. Follow the crowd. Stop what I was doing and just go with the flow. Thankfully for my children I’m not that person.I refuse to be a person that changes like the wind. A person who cant stand on her own two feet.

I have three boys at home, and one I pray home daily. That would be a total of four. Yes four. We want more children too.  Am I insane? No. Its just where our  hearts are.   Not everyone has that same heart. Nor should they. No need to judge tho. It’s not our job to do that. I can’t take and mold you, so please don’t take and mold me.

Some parents are good with one child, some  two, some three, four, five, six. Who are we to say how many children someone ought to have? Everybody has a different life and style. I will tell you right now .. If my husband didn’t support me, or if I was a full time working outside of the house mother, or if my husband was in Iraq or if I was a single mother.. I would most likely live in other ways and forms of teaching may be very different. We did not all come from the same mold and form. I will never be you, you will never be me. I am not perfect, I am not always going to wear the clothes you think I should, I’m not going to say the words you want me to say. I’m a sinner, but at least I know who I am.

To all the lovely people in the past year who have tried to rain on a parade they were not invited to, to the ones who emailed me to tell me that I failed in one way or another, to the ones who came up to me at the grocery stores questioning my sanity and feeling compelled to tell me I had my “hands full”, to the librarians who don’t need to say anything, your looks say it all, to the ones at the parks who ask why my 6 year old is not in “real school”, to the people that ask me what my “real job” is  ..  Thank you all for your lovely thoughts and words.. I took them all with a grain of salt and it made me a better person. I hope that’s what your intentions were in the first place 😉

P.S.  -I am not Michelle  Duggar ..  Watch the show.. she has more kids, longer hair, longer skirts *and she is way nicer than I am* trust me

I’m trying my best.. I’m not perfect.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

“O be careful little mouth what you say

 O be careful little mouth what you say”

Watch Out World .. This mommy is raising leaders


Kasey and I will be at Windham Christian Academy, Windham, Maine

from 10 – 3

Selling some of our photography (post cards and magnets) to help raise money for the orphanage in Haiti!

There will be a  bounce house for the kids! A 50/50 raffle, a car show and much much more!!

Come check it all out!


A little family update

A quick little update on our family .. Here goes..

I wish I had a great photo of my just turned six year old riding his bike with out training wheels for the first time, the smile on his face was amazing. I spent little less than just one full hour teaching him how to balance and feel comfortable on his bike.. He got the hang of it and is now a speed demon on a mission. They grow up way too fast. I swear it aged him maybe two years! He was so proud of himself and that made my heart happy!

All three boys had their birthdays … March , April, and May … turning  six, four, and two!
My little/big  son in Haiti turned five last December .. So no more birthdays to celebrate until September when its Kasey’s turn!

Summer is among us which means a few more short weeks of school and its party time for all!
Home schooling is wrapping up and it went well. The first few months I/ the boys were  still getting the “feel” of it. Then in the dead of winter when we had no where to go anyways we got more used to it. The ending months now are the best I would say. I’m on a little schedule with them.. Nothing magnificent, but it works for us.  We (husband and myself) have decided at the end of each year we will decide what will work for the next. Since I only have one going into first grade and one still doing pre-k we decided I would teach at home again the coming year. I am so excited to get my hands on some new materials/books and ideas.  I can’t believe I am even saying that!

The beginning of the year I think/ I know  I may have OVER STRESSED and forced myself to be perfect. The perfect teacher, the perfect mother, the perfect house wife.. I luckily , but slowly gave that up. I realized I am not perfect, I cant be perfect and all that matters when teaching is their education, our sanity and happiness and making it a JOY TO LEARN not a boring MUST DO DAILY chore. Its worked out well. I also have been so encouraged the past few months when I was discouraged .. I ended up flying to Haiti with this amazing lady who ( I did not know it till I was flying with her) home schooled her four children.. all older than my own.. she has done it their entire lives. She was still happy,  beautiful and really put together, and her children are great- this gave me HOPE. When Kasey and I went in to do our will down town a while back the lawyer there commended me for home schooling and said his wife was with his own children, also saying that Harvard is now looking and hoping for more home schooled children, this gave me HOPE.  I met a mom who has 12, yes 12 children and she is a home schooling mother. .. That in itself gave me HOPE. At first I felt rather lonely doing this, not so connected to many. This year I even did not sign up for any co-ops, or any other things.. The coming year my plan is to put both the older two into a school once a week for the arts, and music of school, things I personally dont think I can teach well.. Then every other week I hope to be  putting my first grader into a home schooling co- op about thirty minutes from me for history.. They do the “classical approach” and Im kind of excited about that. I know that life can change in an instant, so these plans are for as long as the Lord wills. So far tho, so good.

Mothers day was nice. I was allowed the BLESSING OF SLEEPING  in and was made breakfast with fresh veggies in my omelet .. We went to church in the morning, and then the ocean for some lovely sea shell snatching and sand playing. Then on the way home we got some ice cream! The boys and Kasey planted me a little flower garden of wild flowers.. (crossing my fingers it grows) Im not a green thumb type of girl what so ever. So, planting flowers that come every year on there own was a great plan!  My boys made me wonderful heart felt cards that meant the world to me. I love being their mom. My heart was sad this year in a way it never has been. I was longing to hold all four of my boys.. It hurt to say the least. Maybe next year I will be able to do that.

Making sand angels

Helping daddy collect sea weed for our compost

Today was my VERY FIRST chiropractor appointment. I thought I was going to die and or cry when he had “popped” my leg? ewww.. and my lower back.. eww eww.. It felt OK, I mean it did not KILL in anyway, but that noise! That noise is so gross to me. I don’t like hearing things POP inside of me like that. Im excited to go back… I go back friday.. Will see if he does my neck. I told him he wasnt allowed to. So this time he did not, but I have  a feeling it will be done at some point.

Climbing rocks

We got a swing set from Kasey’s uncle this past winter, a wooden one that has not been put together.. Its now.. semi put together.. the directions were in french.. Kasey is not fluent in that 🙂 Nor am I. Im hoping it will be put together before our summer is over! 

Legos – still popular, but as of late home made play dough is becoming a favorite around here !! Lots of gray yucky rainy days inside so its been a big help! However, I was on the phone this morning and when I came out of the bedroom I noticed all the new play dough was being tossed into the air “like pizza” they said, but nobody caught it and it all fell onto the floor. (PET PEEVE) dirty play dough! So I think Ill be making MORE play dough soon.

All in all our little family is doing well. So happy winter is OVER and summer is ahead. I function better in the summer!

We are having a fundraiser for our adoption this coming SUNDAY!!! Check out our KASEY AND JESSIE PHOTOGRAPHY  face book pages for the event!!!